Latvian Bank Account


Rietumu Bank, which was established in 1992, now is one of the largest banks in the Baltics. It is also one of the first private banks in Latvia.

Rietumu Bank specializes mainly on corporate banking and affluent individuals. Rietumu Bank is providing services to customers all over Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other regions. It has representative offices in France, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and some other European markets. The bank has representative offices in France, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and Kazakhstan.

The Bank provides financial leasing services in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. It has wide range of savings and capital growth programs.

In 2001, Rietumu Bank purchased full stock of Saules Banka shares, and this transaction made it one of the top five banks in Latvia.

In 2004, Rietumu Bank was granted the name of the ‘Best Bank for Foreign Exchange in Latvia’ by the Global Finance Magazine. The Banker Magazine featured Rietumu Bank as second-ranked among the most rapidly developing Banks in Central Europe.